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Welcome from the President

Welcome to the official website of the InterFraternity Council at Columbia University. Here, you will find information about the InterFraternity Council and the 12 national fraternities on campus that fall under its governance. The InterFraternity Council (IFC) is the student-run governing board that regulates and unifies the fraternities and communicates with the larger community to promote a positive image for fraternity life on campus.

Comprising over 500 men, the fraternal system at Columbia consists of a large and growing portion of the overall student body. Our chapters are committed to the principles of scholarship, philanthropy and service, leadership, brotherhood, and development, as echoed in the Columbia University Fraternity and Sorority Statement of Shared Values. Becoming a member of a fraternity is a rewarding, life-long commitment. With 12 InterFraternity Council chapters on campus, there is a diversity of interests represented by each of our chapters. Each fraternity provides a unique experience, but all strive to maintain a group of determined, motivated young men. A fraternal brotherhood provides invaluable friendships, which serve as a strong base for social and personal development. All of our chapters remain at manageable sizes, which cultivate more meaningful brotherhoods.

Fraternity and sorority life promotes high academic standards as well as fulfills a commitment towards philanthropic pursuits. Chapters in the IFC collaborate with the other fraternities and sororities in the InterGreek Council (IGC) in addition to many other organizations on campus to undertake philanthropic and community service endeavors. Additionally, the IFC and IGC partner up with campus service initiatives such as Relay for Life and Columbia Community Outreach for events that promote Greek-wide bonding and reinforce a positive presence in the community.

Thank you for arriving at our website and please use this site as a resource to become familiar with the fraternity system at Columbia. Feel free to contact me or any of the other IFC Executive Board members if you have any questions or concerns. We appreciate the continued support of our members, administration, neighborhood, and Columbia University that allows for such a thriving community!


 Anthony Testa

InterFraternity Council, President 

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