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The InterFraternity Council is the governing body of the 12 national fraternities at Columbia University. Led by its five executive board members, the council meets monthly with the 12 chapter presidents and representatives from each fraternity to discuss and vote on matters related to the IFC. The IFC governs chapters that are predominantly male, with the exception of one chapter, the Alpha Delta Phi Society, that is co-educational.

The IFC's mission was developed in accordance with objectives outlined by the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC). Its purpose is to serve as a resource for the fraternal system in the development of fraternity men in the areas of scholarship, leadership, brotherhood, and service. To that end, the IFC develops projects and policy to foster inter-Greek relations, promote academic excellence, and advocate for the Greek community on Columbia's campus. The IFC additionally serves as a financial resource for its fraternities. Recognizing those fraternities that are in good standing with Fraternity and Sorority Life and the University, the IFC will grant co-sponsorships to support events that it views to be in line with the Statement of Shared Values.

The InterFraternity Council is part of the larger governing board, the InterGreek Council (IGC). The InterGreek Council is made up of three sub-councils: the InterFraternity Council, the Panhellenic Council, and the Multicultural Greek Council. While Columbia has a rich history of fraternity life, it lacked an IFC until 2008 – a cardinal feature of thriving Greek systems around the country. In December of 2007, the InterGreek Council developed into the three sub-councils. As part of the IGC, the IFC works closely with the other sub-councils as well as other student governing bodies and the Columbia administration to support the academic and social goals of the university. The IFC addresses fraternity-specific concerns and fosters cooperation between Columbia's fraternities. Additionally, the IFC helps to coordinate Greek-wide programming events with the other sub-councils of the IGC, including the annual InterGreek Council formal, Relay for Life, and the New Student Orientation Program Meet and Greet.

 Statement of Shared Values

The InterFraternity Council proudly stands behind the values stated in the Columbia University Fraternity and Sorority Life Statement of Shared Values.

Recognizing everything the fraternal bonds have done in influencing and supporting our paths in life, we present the Statement of Shared Values:

The fraternity and sorority community at Columbia University strives to foster a holistic collegiate experience that will strengthen a commitment to life-long membership and our alma mater.

We believe that through our dedication and promotion of social consciousness we greatly contribute to the creation of a vibrant cultural community that emphasizes diversity, inclusiveness, and mutual respect. We are values based organizations and, through our actions, we embody these ideals and inspire others.


Leadership. Scholarship. Empowerment.


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