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Greek Judicial Board

Greek Judicial Board

The Greek Judicial Board is the judicial body comprised of members from the InterFraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, and Multicultural Greek Council chapters that was established to ensure excellence and promote cooperation in Columbia’s Greek community. It acts upon reports of alleged chapter misconduct and holds weekly hearings that parallel the Dean’s Discipline process. The goal of these hearings is to facilitate a student-led adjudication of Fraternity and Sorority policy violations.

The Chair of the Greek Judicial Board, part of the Associates Board of the IGC, leads the Judicial Board and is elected by the chapter delegates at the end of each calendar year at the InterGreek Council meeting. The Chair of the Greek Judicial Board helps to select six additional members with the help from Judicial Affairs deans and the Associate Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life. An application and interview process ensures that the Judicial Board members are both qualified and dedicated. Each week, the Board meets to hear reports of alleged policy violations filed by Columbia community members. All parties involved have a chance to speak and ask questions. Afterwards, the Board deliberates and submits written decisions. These decisions will ultimately determine which chapters are in good standing with the IGC.

Although the Greek Judicial Board often recommends certain sanctions in response to violations, it is by no means a purely punitive body. It seeks not only to ensure adherence to Fraternity and Sorority Life, Columbia University, and New York state regulations, but also to resolve inter-Greek conflicts and improve the public image of the Greek system by promoting responsible, cooperative behavior. To that end, the Board tries to develop creative solutions in tandem with Columbia administrators and Greek organizations to maintain high standards in doable ways.

The Greek Judicial Board has become a prime example of student autonomy and self-governance on Columbia’s campus. We believe the Greek Judicial Board will remain an important part of our vibrant Greek community for years to come.

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