Being a part of Alpha Sigma Tau means always doing something fun! We are involved in many events on campus and our chapter life is also very fulfilling.
We have chapter meetings on every Sunday of the month in which hall of the sisters get together and discuss our new and old business and talk about the events that we have coming up. In addition we have some mandatory events throughout the semester that are sponsored by Greek Life that we are always happy to attend. We also have sisterhood events in which we all get together to bond as sisters, whether it is just having a sorority dinner or having a weekend long retreat.
When we receive our new members in the fall and spring, the first thing we like to explain is that we uphold a strict NO HAZING policy whatsoever. As a new member, you get to learn about AST’s core values and history by meeting with the New Member Mom each week. Our new members get to throw a sister party in which they get to present to the chapter their class shirts, their class paddles, and their class nicknames and theme. In addition, each new member class that is brought into AST gets to participate in the philanthropy of their choice to help contribute their share.      
Our new members also receive a secret big within the first couple weeks of being a new member. Their secret big is sort of like a mentor- they are help to guide the new member before she is given a big sister or a family. Later on in the semester our new members also receive a big sister and along with a big sister come families. Big sisters and families are a great way for sisters to feel a strong connection to the sorority.


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