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  • The Best Thing for Tutors Since Pencil and Paper Looking for students? TMS has students looking for you. Really excel in a subject? Prove it with embedded video. Have existing students? Sign them up through the application and let TMS do your accounting for you. Tutor Matching Service, LLC. even makes it possible for you to accept credit card payments- and cuts tutors a check every two weeks. With TMS you can literally turn tutoring into a full-time job.

Information for Tutors

Signing up to be a tutor is free, and it's easier than you think. Simply log in to your facebook account, add the Tutor Matching Service Application and click "Be a Tutor Now." TMS takes all the administrative hassle out of being a tutor, and lets you focus on what you're teaching.

What are the benefits for tutors?

If you have worked as a tutor before, you are certainly well aware of the obstacles facing every tutor. First and foremost, it's next to impossible for individual tutors to collect credit card payments (which just happens to be what most students want to pay with). Beyond that, at the end of a tutoring session it can be very awkward to collect money from someone you just met, or even a long-time friend. Tutor Matching Service takes care of both of these issues. Through the TMS application students pre-pay for tutoring sessions (TMS accepts credit cards), and collects the payment before the session occurs. TMS then writes tutors a paycheck every two weeks. With TMS, tutoring can quickly become as lucrative as a full-time job.

Also, working as a tutor it can sometimes be very difficult to find students. With TMS, not only are students actively searching for new tutors, but tutors have the opportunity to be proactive in their marketing and self-promotion as a means to increase business. Furthermore, the TMS application provides an in-depth scheduling system that allows you to set your schedule and availability so that students can only book appointments when you are available. If you have experience going through your school's antiquated methods of tutor matching, then you know there's no established method of certification or any way to quantify a tutor's instructional skills. With TMS students post reviews and ratings and give you the opportunity to demonstrate your quality of service.

How do tutors get paid?

Tutors can set their hourly rates, and change that rate at any time. Tutors can charge $10, $15, $20, $25 or $30 per hour. TMS collects payment via credit cards and will write you a check every two weeks. Checks will be picked up by tutors at designated locations or mailed to them if not checks are retreived after one week. As a processing and maintenance fee, TMS charges 5% from each booking.

What is the 5% for?

Tutor Matching Service charges a 5% fee for every transaction. This means that every time a student books and pays for a session with you, TMS will deduct 5% from their payment to cover our operational costs, which- considering that the application is free to use- is a very conservative percentage. This 5% includes:

  • Processing Credit Card Payments
  • Printing Checks
  • Postage for Checks
  • Envelopes
  • Application Development
  • Programming Maintenance
  • Database Development
  • Database Maintenance
  • Server Hosting (although the application is within Facebook, it is hosted on TMS servers)
  • Bandwidth Fees
  • Operations Management
  • Customer Service

How does the application work for tutors?

Once you have added the application, click on the rectangular, gray button labeled "Be A Tutor Now" and fill out the necessary forms and agreements to get all of that stuff out of the way. After that's done, the hard part is over. The TMS application provides a forum in which any tutor can shine. Upload videos, provide a detailed portfolio, and take full advantage of your ability to promote your services. The best part is that since it's on Facebook, you have the whole social network at your disposal. Now doesn't that beat a flyer with your phone number stapled to the common room bulletin board? You don't have to worry about collecting payment from students, dealing with credit cards, or anything like that. You focus on your sessions, and TMS cuts you a check every two weeks.

What Makes This Application Unique?

  • Tutors can finally accept credit card payments from students
  • Parents and family members can purchase packages of sessions for students in advance
  • Students can see tutors' profiles and get acquainted before the session
  • Students can see tutors' friends to see if they have any in common
  • Students can post reviews and ratings of tutors after the session has completed
  • Tutors can post YouTube videos of themselves, to further promote themselves and stand out
  • Students can view tutors' schedules and availability, which makes booking sessions easy

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